Narcissism, Fantasy and Kindness

narcStory__1295877243_8974Too often I am in the presence of someone who is living in a fantasy, delusions of grandeur wash over them like some rancid stench. The workplace is the real breeding ground for egotism and self-centred behaviour. Although some would say that having high levels of competition within the workplace can be healthy it is when this sense of entitlement starts to enter into private affairs and social gatherings that I find this hard to endure.

I find it disgusting when people flaunt their titles inside or outside of work, as if it is some sort of medal of respect that we must all bow down to. I do not believe that people are solely responsible for who they are inside, and alot of their hang ups can stem from childhood or lack of exposure/opportunity.

A possible driving factor that makes people arrogant can be the pressures they receive from friends and family, or the hidden rivalry that exists between siblings. Through growing up under the wing of parents with such high expectations this could drive someone to become very keen to succeed and meet their personal targets that they lose sight of their own virtues and beliefs. Some people are just not given the opportunity to explore how they feel in certain situations or simply do not house the critical faculties to make a personal diagnosis.

I believe that for many people the ultimate dream can be summed up very simply. We do well at school, get the perfect job, meet the perfect partner, marry, have children and then die after living off a wealthy pension. In many strengths this has happened over and over again. Is it the media that has furnished this comfortable schedule for us? Perhaps it is the fear of not leaving something behind that drives people to pass on their genetic material with such urgency. I do not mean to say that people who chose this path are wrong but I find it hard to buy into this fantasy.

I think that real achievements can be demonstrated through our abilities to empathise and connect with other people. I wish I had the right tools to make people feel better and to act in a more altruistic way but with social media being at the helm of society it is often hard to engage with others. Whenever someone puts themselves in a light that shows them to be vulnerable or humble this provides me with noting but respect. I think the reason I can relate to this is that I am not a very smart person and I often like to paint myself up as being smarter than I am, in an effort to protect myself from being dissected or ridiculed.

The irony is that to show yourself off as being a charitable person is not selfless because you are using it as a vehicle to raise your own profile. I do not believe that most people can see this side of it, but facebook can often blur these lines of intention. To overcome sadness in the world we need to try and be kind to others, make them laugh… make fun of yourself and actually do it face to face, without cowering behind this safety blanket that is social media.


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