Living through the Pain: End of Week 1

Holy shit, I didn’t think in such a short period of time I would be empathising with Mass murderers. Dieting without sugar has changed me into a grumpy monster. Listening to others speak feels like it uses 97% of my energy. It’s not just your average lethargy, it is heavy aches, pains and tiredness. 

My head felt like it was throbbing in the week. I have removed all sweets and temptations from the flat and my girlfriend is helping me through this rough period. I have had a healthy week where my average calorie intake has been under 1500 a day, I have been to the gym 3 times this week and have been burning just over 300 calories a time. 

Most mornings I have had a fresh fruit smoothie with banana, mixed Berries, coconut milk and a dash of maple syrup.
As an alternative breakfast I made my own granola and the recipe can be found here.

For lunch I have had Tuna or Chicken sandwiches with cucumber, a clementine and some dried fruit.

As I reached the afternoons I felt tired and horrible so I started introducing more fruit and nuts by the end of the week. I am even considering buying fresh tropical fruit as an after dinner dessert.

This week’s dinners:

  • Vegetable Stir fry w/ Soy Sauce
  • Roasted aubergine and mushrooms with whole wheat spaghetti and fresh pasta sauce
  • Cooked chicken breast with sweetcorn, brocolli and Sweet potato wedges

It’s only after I started this challenge that I realise how present sugar is in my diet. Having the lack of artifical sugar means that I appreciate the taste of natural sugars even more and fruit just tastes a lot sweeter. I have a big sweet tooth so living without even so much as a low fat yogurt after dinner has been difficult. There were some nights where I felt so deflated that I think I actually needed more food. I will perhaps try and introduce a different fruit to eat after meals, perhaps an apple as they have such proven health benefits.

Watching live TV is hard because Dominoes pizza air their adverts over and over, even just passing the pizza house on the way back from the gym is difficult. According to other blogs there is a eureka moment where the side effects from sugar wihdrawl just vanish and you come out the other side feeling rejuvenated. I have been looking at this week and I have lost 6 pounds so I am quite pleased. I am reluctant to check the scales on a daily basis because it will constantly fluctuate. As the week is coming to an end my evening weekend meals will consist of an omelette (with no cheese of course) on Saturday. On Sunday I am considering a sirloin steak as a sort of healthy/unhealthy treat. Red meat is not the best but in moderation is okay.

My girlfriend and I have said we won’t go to a restaurant on Valentines day because there will be too much temptation. Instead we are going to try and make some sort of sugar free dessert! I am not convinced though that there is a way to make a delicious dessert without using sugar, cause that is where it gives you the dopamine kick. When you think of every pudding that has been delicious the main component is a type of sugar. I am going to try very hard to find something and will get back to you. If anyone has any ideas please post them here!


2 thoughts on “Living through the Pain: End of Week 1

  1. Banana cake! Rosie makes banana muffins for the kids which is just like overripe bananas (sweeter when overripe), raisins and flour I think. And they’re delicious. If you’re not off it then cream cheese goes lovely on top but even without they’re great.
    Am cutting down my sugar and caffeine so know where you’re coming from. One trick I’ve found is to plan your exercise for the time that you would normally indulge (evenings for me) as afterwards you just lose all desire to ruin your hard work with some chocolate.
    Hard though, and I’m not going as full on as you!


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