Top 10 Feel Good films

I love movies so much. Some might say I was a film buff. When I was 20 my best friend bought me the book of “1001 Movies to watch before you die” and I have gone through them, trying lots of different genres of film. In this cold wet time of the year (I’m in the UK by the way) it might be nice to curl up and watch a good movie to cheer ourselves up. Here are my top 10 feel good films in no particular order. Give them a try and let me know, or drop me recommendations for your feel good films.

1. As Good as it Gets – a great film, brilliant story and the chemistry between the actors is excellent. There are some very gentle moments in this and we can all relate to Nicholson’s odd ball character. Family friendly and easy watching.

2. Scent of a Woman – this film is very touching and over the course of the film we learn to love Pacino’s character even though he is a bitter asshole. It teaches us the value of doing nice things for others.

3. Hector and the search for Happiness  – this is a slightly more modern film. Although this film is a bit cheesy in places, it’s heart is in the right place. This film is very uplifting.

4. Dead Poets Society- okay this one isn’t as cool as the other ones. This film is a little bit cheesy in places. I normally end up watching this one when I’m not well. I definitely relate to the scene with the dick head father. I went to a private school when I was young and this cuts through that stuffiness kind of like Scent of a Woman does.

5. Groundhog Day- Bill Murray is so damn funny in this film. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this part. There are funny, sad and uplifting parts. We all have our own experience of this feeling of life repeating itself, such a great story.

6. Good Will Hunting- This film has some bad ass moments. One of my favourite Robin Williams movies. Great story that has some major feels. The story is unique but borrows a lot of Philosophy.

7. Ferris Bueller’s Day off- This is my favourite John Hughes movie. If you’ve watched this one too much then try Breakfast Club, that is equally fun. This is a light fun film and the 80s style is still enjoyable now I think.

8. Meet the Parents – this was when Robert De Niro was still cool, and the comedy of this film is real enough not to be too slapstick. Make me giggle and I relate to that awkwardness of trying to be affable.

9. Ghost – this film is bittersweet. I wouldn’t advise watching this if you feel delicate because in certain moods it can make me teary. Still some fun to be had! I think the relationship portrayed by the actors is believable. Whoppi Goldberg is a pleasant comic relief. 

10.  The Truman Show – this was a frequent rental from blockbuster in my youth. It was normally when I was off sick from school. This film proves that Carrey is a versatile actor. The faint hint of craziness comes through. As a child (and secretly as an adult) I like to pretend I am the centre of attention and this film is great fun!
Is your favourite missing? Please recommend and I will try it I promise!



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