Resident Evil 7: Back on Track

Imagine if your partner had been missing for many years and the police had ended the search. Then out of the blue you receive an email from her with an address and a video of her attached filmed that day asking you to stay away. Already the set up is unsettling before the game even begins.

I have to hand it to Capcom, I was starting to think that Resident Evil was becoming the new Call of Duty where they just churn out the same shitty game over and over again? But they have taken a step to making something new and refreshing.
I am a massive Resident Evil fan and I was there when the very first game was released and have followed the series ever since. Although the games of 4, 5 and 6 were perfectly playable they didn’t match the original games for their dark unsettling vibe.

Resi 7 though is back on track. When I started the game I wondered if it would be unplayable because it has such an intense start and I was freaking out with fear. I persisted though, and the game is so rewarding if you are patient. It is a survival horror again, just like the old days! Limited ammo, endless flood of bad guys and wicked puzzles.

One cool addition is that like in the old Resident Evil games you can find videotapes strewn about the map. Unlike in the old games where you just watch them, in this game you take part and you play through the video like some sort of mini game. Some of the tapes are even creepier than the real game itself.

I don’t want to be one of those people who spoils a great game by telling you every last detail, just pick up a copy and try it. You should even try if you don’t normally like Horror games. I promise it is not all mayhem. I do want to make some comparisons to the old games though so the true fans can know what I noticed:

  • The game is in a dark dingy setting similar to the setting of the Resi 1 mansion
  • You have limited weapons and ammo
  • The maps have doors and room names and as you progress you unlock and explore the map (like resi 1)
  • There are special keys which are dedicated to specially locked doors
  • There is a weighted shotgun puzzle like in Resi 1
  • You don’t have to worry about typewriter ribbons because they have tape recorders around which are infinite.
  • There are cranks (oh I love Cranks)
  • There are herbs and sprays and you can combine things to make ammo or health stuff
  • There are weird camera angles that force your perspective in an uncomfortable way (like the old games)
  • The rendering of the game and the graphics are mind blowing. This reminds me of when Resi 1 remaster happened and it blew our minds.
  • There are old pictures and some sort of built in lore through notes, diaries. Super fans get off on this shit.

If anyone has noticed anymore similarities to the original Resi games let me know but I am so pleased. The game isn’t just a rehashing of the original games but is a fitting tribute. The newer type of resi had gone stale and even the whole TVIRUS Bullshit was getting in the way of thrilling potential. Great job Capcom you’ve won a gamers heart once again.

Ending point: wouldn’t it be cool if they did a action style reboot of Nemesis in the style of this new game, I think having a Nemesis style chase again would be intensely scary. They don’t have to make it constant bullet shedding but just a hint of a homage to Resi 3, that was a sweet game! The only reason I still own a game cube is for the original resident evil games. Which is your favourite? I think Code Veronica X doesn’t get enough credit!


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