Horizon: Zero Dawn

Remember when a game was just a game, there was no Bullshit but just a team of developers putting a game together with fresh new ideas. Like in the days of Legend of Zelda or Spyro the dragon where games were just fun to play and never got boring!

After playing many games that don’t seem to keep me excited I have finally played Horizon:Zero Dawn and I must say I’m very impressed.

I’m not going to talk about the story because I’m sure you’ll want to try for yourself but the idea of robot style creatures is great fun. I have recently tried to play Far Cry Primal and got bored very quickly, because you begin to realise that those times didn’t have much story about them. Fuck, eat, kill repeat. And in Primal the tribe bulding got boring quickly. Horizon new dawn isn’t set in prehistoric times but in an almost alternative history or universe. It does have a cool natural feel but doesn’t deny us of the technological aspect.
As to how these two world’s have combined or where the tribes came from is a complete mystery and I hope as the game goes on it will explain this more.

Aloy the main character is lovable too and you can decide how some dialogue choices are made, though I’m not sure how much that changes the game. The game is open world but still makes you feel in control. There are main quests, side quests and you can go hunting which is great fun. The weapons are quite different too with various techy hunting gadgets which look great.

One thing I noticed is when you look at the game menu there are loads of tabs for crafting, side quests, unlockables and extras. It’s exciting to think there is a lot of content to explore and it feels a bit like Nathan Drake games with loads of cool items and stuff.
I love this game and think it is definitely worth spending the money on. The main story acting isn’t in the heights of last of us calibre but is still enjoyable and doesn’t offend me!


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