It’s a Hit man!

Please don’t hate me for the title but it so happens to be true. Now I know a lot of Hitman die-hard fans didn’t have the patience to wait until the game had been fully released but I didn’t mind it being episodic.

I have always loved Hitman since the original because I always prefer games that require strategy and give you a bit of a challenge every now and then. Hitman can be hard and frustrating at times. Unlike most games like Call of Duty where everyone runs around like Rambo, Hitman requires stealth and planning. Although saying that, there are machine guns and shotguns as available weapons but I don’t know who loads a game with them?
There are lots of challenges built in to the game, various modes and lots of unlockables. The story is a bit flat and doesn’t really drive the game along very much, but it tries to give some context to the levels. You get to decide how you kill people either through shooting, poisoning, drowning, strangling, blowing up. There are hundreds of ways to kill people and some levels even have exclusive kills, including one where you kill someone with a fired cannonball!

The graphics of Hitman are beautiful. Things can look a bit cartoony in places but I just see that as a charm of the hitman franchise. There is a mixed bag, where some levels like Spain and Bangkok look sublime, but Colorado and Marakesh almost like PS2 levels. Overall though the game stands the the test of this generations console.
I think Hitman is a game you play between your main games. The beauty of Hitman being released episodically meant that the developers could constantly add content and change things that players didn’t like.

There is supposed to be a season 2 coming up. The game is now 50% off and available on disc. I would recommend you give it a try!

Did you like hitman? Leave me a message in the comments.


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