Excellent new Zombie movie! – Train to Busan 

I love zombie films, and I have seen so many of them! I have seen classics like Night, Day and Dawn of the Dead by George A Romeo, the godfather of zombie flicks. I have also seen his more modern versions like Land, diary and survival of the dead which weren’t great. I have seen more modern takes on the genre like 28 Days later, Resident Evil and World War Z. The problem with Zombie films is that sometimes they lose traction and they can become a bit stale.

I have been waiting for something new to come along and out of nowhere this film The Train to Busan appeared. I found out it was released on Monday so I went and picked up a copy. The film is Korean with English subtitles but please don’t let this stop you if you’re not used to subtitles. The film was fresh and so much fun, it kept me gripped right to the end.

The film is about a married couple who’s marriage is on the rocks and they intend to get a divorce. They have a young daughter who wants to see her mother on her birthday and insists that her father takes her on the train to visit despite their feud. The father agrees and it is whilst they are on the train that a zombie outbreak happens. The tension of this film is superb whether it is trapped on the train with nowhere to run or desperately trying to get through changes at each station whilst being pursued by Zombies.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed World War Z, but where it went wrong for me was that Brad Pitt was like Rambo. In Train to Busan most of the people are relatively helpless and have to build up lots of emotional strength.

You know how in Diehard part of the charm is that he is trapped in Nakatomi Plaza and it gives a very intimate setting which adds to the tension. Train to Busan is the same way! the setting leaves it’s victims with nowhere to run.

The Zombies in Train to Busan are quite crazy and run like hell. When I saw their almost maniacal faces I couldn’t help but think of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. My girlfriend and I have an appetite for gore in films and even though Train to Busan is a 15 rating we were not disappointed. Another beauty of Train to Busan is that the story is so good it doesn’t need tonnes of shock value and gore like perhaps a Saw film would.
My final point is that, normally in a traditional zombie film there is always some asshole that is in it for himself whether that is ‘Cooper’ from Night of the Living Dead 90’s remake or ‘Rhodes’ from Day of the Dead. Train to Busan has that too where some of the people would rather sacrifice others to save their own skin and it is great fun watching some of the rivalry and backstabbing.

I had lost faith in Zombie films, certainly considering that Walking Dead has just gone completely stale, endless talking and talking. People say wihdrawl walking dead “when you think about it though, that is what would happen in a Zombie Apocalypse, bandits would be the main threat over the dead”. That is true but it is not entertaining!
I dont give ratings to films because everyone can decide for themselves if they like something or not. Please give Train to Busan a try! Let me know what you thoughts are in the comments.


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