“Happy: Why more or less everything is absolutely fine” by Derren Brown

I love reading books on philosophy because you are able to read them alongside other books. Unlike fiction where you have to keep a breast of where you are this book you can dip into.

Derren Brown is clearly not only an illusionist and performer he is also a great thinker.

My favourite philosopher is Alain De Botton and it is clear from this book that Derren loves him too from the frequent mentions throughout. If you are familiar with Derren he is down to earth and has the perfect balance of not being too stuffy but also not over simplifying.

The objective of the book seems to try and debunk self help books and to show you that a lot can be learned from reading ancient philosophy instead. He shows us the value of stoicism and useful emotional tips for when we are at our weakest. Derren Brown is incredibly charming in his prose and talks to you like I imagine he would his friends.

With regular nods to Schopenhauer another of my favourites he also shows us how we cannot trust ourselves to always be right about things.

Pick yourself up a copy and tell me what you thought!


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